Poziv na konferenciju

15. svibnja 2017

Poštovani čitatelji,

u nastavku možete naći poveznicu / poziv na konferenciju Our Mythical Hope
in Children’s and Young Adults’ Culture… The (In)efficacy of Ancient Myths in Overcoming the Hardships of Life.


Simpozij “The Children’s Book as Material Object”

27. veljače 2017

U prilogu možete naći program simpozija The Children’s Book as Material Object koji će se održati 10.5. 2017. na Sveučilištu Cambridge


Poziv na konferenciju

23. veljače 2017

Children’s and YA Literature at Midwest Modern Language Association 2017 November 9-12 in Cincinnati, OH

In recognition of this year’s conference theme, “Artists and Activists,” we welcome papers that explore issues in children’s and young adult literature broadly, but especially invite those that explore the ways that writers of literature for young people have addressed issues of politics, advocacy, and social justice. In our conversations, we hope to think about the place of literature and activism in the lives of young people.

Topics could include, but are by no means limited to:
· The role of the child in society;
· satire as social commentary;
· the place of education in society;
· environmental literature;
· gender identities, trans- identities, and activism;
· ethnic identities and activism;
· digital literacies and digital citizenship.

Please send 250-word abstracts to Megan Musgrave at memusgra@iupui.edu<mailto:memusgra@iupui.edu> by April 5, 2017. Your abstract should include your name, rank, institutional affiliation, and email. *If you are interested in proposing a complete panel, please contact me about including it in our Children’s and YA Literature cohort this year.

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CFP: L.M. Montgomery and Reading

21. veljače 2017

U prilogu možete pronaći poziv na konferenciju koja će se održati u Kanadi, od 21. do 24. lipnja 2018.

LMM Reading CFP 2018

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